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LUSH Dark Angels Face Wash Review

I have been using this face wash now for about a month now and it has honestly worked miracles for my skin and has become a staple item in my skincare routine. I use it alongside another face wash due to it being an exfoliating face wash with its charcoal and black sugar.
Before I continue applauding this face wash, I will point out one very small thing that this face wash does 'wrong'.
Those of you who have used this face wash before, or have looked at reviews online, will know that dark angel can leave slight black smudges on your face, left over from the charcoal, and some people online have said that they have had to use another face wash to wash this off, but it is utter nonsense. I almost always find that if I wash my face properly there are no smudges left over, however whenever I am left with smudges, my toner easily gets rid of it (and for those of you still not convinced, my toner from Simple and my Garnier micellar water also gets rid of it easily, both of which are v…

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