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My Advice To Year 11s

I am currently in year 12 and in my form period today, we were asked to write our advice on a post-it note for the year 11s who are looking to join our 6th form to see, which made me think about everything I learned through year 10 and 11, that has really helped me so far in sixth form, that I could share on here.
This advice is all based on the mistakes that I made during and in my GCSEs and I'm hoping that by sharing these with you guys, you won't make the same ones I did.
Find Out What Kind Of Learner You Are
This one isn't really a mistake, but rather something I think everyone should do. Ages ago my friend got me to do a 20 question 'quiz' online that told me what kind of learner I was, which turned out to be visual, meaning I could find the revision techniques that worked best for me (when I actually revised). The link for this test is
Some of the questions are a bit odd, but the…

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