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DIY Christmas Decorations

I don't really like reading many of this kind of posts, because I always find that the decorations in them need some random item that you have no idea where you can buy it, or it's some really complicated idea that you'd never be able to do in your lifetime, so I thought I'd give this post a bask and give you some simpler ideas, that are a lot easier to do.
Fairy Lights Fairy lights seem to feature an awful lot on this blog, but I think it's just because I find them so useful. You can put them just about anywhere in your room and call them a decoration all year round, so these are just a staple item for when I'm looking to do any form of decorating
Paper Snowflakes This may sound like a bit of a silly one, but I'm not (really) talking about the massive one that you make out of a whole sheet of paper. If you make some of these from smaller pieces of paper and tie/tread them onto some string of some kind, they can make a really pretty and simple decoration for ju…

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