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What My Faith Means To Me

This is the first time I've posted for a long while and I apologize for this but I never really had anything to write about and I didn't want to force a post out of myself, but hopefully, after exams, my brain will have a little more space for post ideas *fingers crossed* This is also the first time I have ever talked about my faith and religion and I suppose the main reason for this is because I didn't feel confident with it being known and still kind of don't because the only time I honestly feel comfortable talking about it is when it's to my longest standing friend. However, I've kind of hit that point in my faith where I'm confident enough to not care if someone judges me if they know I am a Christian and I feel like I need to open up about it on this blog so that whoever reads this post, and my future blog posts, knows exactly who it is writing them and then if they decide that they don't like me, in the nicest way, that's their problem and I…

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