Family Traditions

So today's post is about any family traditions that you guys might have and I'm also going to tell you guys about a few of my family's own traditions.
So the first one that I'm going to tell you may seem like a strange one but it is something we've had every year for tea near to Christmas for as long as I can remember. This meal usually consists of pate, oatcakes, cream crackers, a cheese board and a variety of salad/veg and we would normally have this meal 2 days in a row because there is always enough left after the first evening to have the next evening.
The second one is on Christmas day and it hasn't been around for long but I think the reason we started doing it is because every Christmas morning, once my mum had her cup of tea and my dad his cup of coffee, there was a free for all of opening presents. So now when we start opening presents we do it in age order from youngest to oldest.
Another one, Christmas based again, is when we put up or tree every year. So each year when other families have their trees up within the first week of December, ours doesn't go up until the Sunday 2 weeks away from Christmas day.
When it's one of my family's birthday, we almost always have takeaway, unless the person who's birthday it is chooses otherwise.
So these are a few of the traditions we have in my family at certain times within the Christmas 'season' and at other times in the year.
Do you guys have any family traditions like these or completely different to these, I'd love to hear.
Also, just a quick notice that next week I am going to announce whether I am going to do a blogmas over the first 25 days of December, so you have until next weeks post to give your opinions and ideas about this idea xx


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