Are You a Giver, a Taker or Both?

I feel like at Christmas time, there are 3 types of people; givers, takers and people who are a mixture of both.

In my opinion, givers are people who enjoy giving gifts to people more than the do when receiving them. Then takers are people who prefer to receive gifts more than they do when giving them to people. Then people who are a mixture of both enjoy to give and take gifts equally.

I personally think that I am a mixture of both because I love to give my friends and fmaily gifts and to watch their reaction when they open them and see what I got. But I also like to receive gifts from friends because it's great to know that they are thinking about me, and I can also be a little difficult to buy for seeing as I am allergic to some things so I know when my friends or family give me a gift they have put the thought into it to make sure that I can actually have it.

So that is the type of people I often see around Christmas and what I personally think I am. I would love to know what type of person you guys think you are in the comments x

I also just wanted to wish you all a great Christmas holidays xx


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