Christmas Isn't Always a Happy Time...

I feel like as we are all preparing for Christmas by putting up decorations and buying presents for friends and family, we forget everything that has happened this year and the conflict that may be going on in other countries, like USA with theor latest vote and all the Syrians that have been forced to leave their homes due to war and people all over the world who can't afford to have a Christmas. So I am going to share a poem that will help you to think especially of the bombings going on in syria and other countries and the friends and family people have lost. This poem is mainly about losing the father of the family but I feel like it can have the same meaning to any person. It is called First Christmas Without You and is by Jamie Cirello.

The nights are long and cold, the sun is hardly around.
Christmas time is approaching, and snow will soon cover the ground.
Trees and lights are twinkling, stockings are being hung.
The Christmas spirit is all around, as carols are being sung.
This year Christmas is not the same, just a yearly memory.
This house is not a home anymore, because you are not here with me.
There will be sadness; there will be tears when we wake up on Christmas day.
For this will be the first Christmas without you, oh how I wish heaven was just a mule away.
As we sit around the Christmas tree, emotions will be sad.
Gifts for them, gifts for me, but none of them will say DAD.
All I want for Christmas is to see your smiling face,
I know it cannot happen because you are in a better place.
Please... DAD ring a bell for me on Christmas day,
So I will know you got your wings and that you are ok.
 I am not looking forward to christmas, but I know it is something I will have to live through.
I hope there is Christmas in heaven, because it is not the same here without you.


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