Christmas Room Decor/Items

I think Christmas time is a great excuse to go out and buy loads of little decorations and hanging ornaments to decorate your room with to get yourself into the Christmas spirit. So I am going to share with you guys a few things i have/do to make my room feel more suitable for the time of year.

The first thing that I use during winter and all round the year to give my room a warm feeling is candles. My personal favourite scent is vanilla because I find it quite relaxing and I also feel like it adds to the feeling of warmth. Most of the time In use scented pillar candles but at the moment I have been using tea lights because my mum got me this half branch cut to about 20cm long with a little dip in the middle that the tea light fits into. The ones I'm using at the moment are the 32 pack of vanilla tealights for £2 from Morrisons.

The next thing that I use are fairy lights. I bought a set that had 50 bulbs last year from PoundStretchers and I've had them strung up on my wall as a replacement for the lamp that I had. I really like to use them at night when I am watching a film or something on my TV because it gives the room a really warm feeling which I find is especially nice during autumn and winter. They cost £3 from PoundStertchers.

This next item is a pretty obvious item for the cold winter nights but I'm still going to add it anyway. I am in love with my throw because it is a fleecy throw but it is soooooo soft. I usually spend my autumn and winter nights sat wrapped up in it because it keeps me so warm. It is from PoundStretchers and did cost £10 but it has now been reduced to £7 and it is available in this color and three others on the website but there are others available in the shops.

Another thing I use to give my room more of a Christmas feel are some little wooden ornaments that I have hung around my room. I got them from someone who was selling then as an AVON representative. I got them for £1 off of them and they were a set of 4.

So these are my ideas for Christmas room decorations and items that you could use during the winter season.


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