Favourite Christmas Candle Scents

My 'taste' in candle scents is quite small because I'm not a fan of really strong scents like cinnamon but prefer something like vanilla or sweet fruity scents.

I am currently using a candle called 'Seychelles Sunset' from Matalan. I love this candle because the scent is really sweet and 'fruity' but it isn't overwhelming, which I really like. I have only just started using it a lot after it had been sat on the shelves in my room after not really being used that much since last January when I bought it.

The other one that I am using are the vanilla scented tealights from Morrisons. I love to light them in an evening when I sit down to either watch a film or do some homework because I find the scent quite relaxing and I usually find that the candle lasts the perfect amount of time from when I light it to when I go to bed.

I don't mind some of the Christmas spice and cinnamon candles but only if the scent is quite subtle and not too overwhelming. I find that these scents are great for November and December as they make me feel more in the Christmas mood/spirit.


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