Last Minute Christmas Gifts

This post is mainly related to buying presents for girls. So this year, the same as most years, I have gone out to buy Christmas presents for my friends and family and then got home to find that I have forgotten to buy for someone and have had to think on my toes of something that I can get for them really quickly with the scarce amount of money I have left.
Now I don't know if any of you guys have experienced this, but if you have, I have found a few great brands in Superdrug that are great for solving this kind of situation.

The first one is Flutter. A few examples of things that are available in this range from body scrubs, bath bombs, lip balms, eyeshadows and hand creams that range from a price of £1-£4.

The second one is Sweet Snuggles. Some of the things available from this range are bath salts, lip balms, hand/foot cream and LED candles that cost as little as £1 and no more than £4.

The last range is Leafy and Lovely. Some example of things you can get from this range are candles, hand cream, mini travel sets and bath fizzers.

I hope this has helped those of you who may have had a dory brain moment when Christmas shopping xx


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