My Christmas Eve

So I thought I'd share with you guys what my Christmas eve usually consists of and what it's going to be like this year.
Now I know that today isn't Christmas Eve, but I already have a post planned for tomorrow.

Normally during the morning and afternoon, we don't really do much other than watch some Christmas movies and write our thank you letter to Santa, but this year I won't be doing this for part of the morning as I am working. Then in the evening, after we've had our tea that some years has consisted of a cheese board with cream crackers, oatcakes, salad style veg and Brussels pate, we go to out church for the 'around the crib service' before gong home to get some supper before, hopefully, watching a DVD together before going to bed. I normally have to go to bed at about for my brothers who still believe in Santa, but I normally sneak downstairs when my mum goes up to say goodnight to them before going to bed at about 9. Now this may seem like an early time to go to bed, but it's worth it when you get woken up at about half 5 in the morning by over excited brother who have to much energy for that time in the morning.

So that is what I normally do on Christmas Eve and what is going to be different this year. Sorry that this post has just consisted of a paragraph of me going on about my life.
I would love to hear about what you guys do on Christmas Eve whether it's as boring as or more interesting than what I usually do during mine in the comments below xx


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