Summer Favourites

So first of all I am going to start this post by apologizing because it has been a fair while since the last post and I know some of you may have been excited to see how my post font and layout will change along with the new updates.

This 'Summer Favourites' post is something I am hoping to make a seasonal occurrence on this blog, meaning in a few months time I will do an 'Autumn Favourites' post and so on with winter and spring. As these posts are going to be about my favourite beauty products, books, films, room decors, clothing items etc of the past few months these posts will be quite a bit longer than my usual ones.

Hollister Sprays
I went to Leeds quite a while ago now, and whilst I was there I bought myself a few Hollister sprays and these were in the scents Vista Cove, Silver Strand Beach and Palisade Beach, although I gave the Palisade Beach spray to my mum. I love these body sprays because they come in may different scents, each of which are gorgeous, and the scent from them lasts for ages. The other day I picked up a scarf that I had worn about a week ago and it still smelled of the spray I used about three days beforehand! So I am in love with these sprays, and I think I always will be...

L'Oréal Clay Masks
Shout out to Lou Loves for this summer favourite as I saw this face mask come up on Lou's skincare regime post, and figured I'd give them a try, and I cannot fault them. My skin is probably one of the worst when it comes to acne and blemishes because it will be clear for about two weeks and then one pimple will turn into an invasion that take ages to get rid of. But since I started using this twice a day for a couple of weeks, this hasn't been the case. This face mask also has a sweet eucalyptus kind of scent that is really calming when you have the mask on and the consistency is also the best I have ever experienced from a face mask as it is not so thick that it doesn't spread nicely but not so thin that it drips off the face.

Maybelline Big Shot Mascara
I got this mascara ages ago and it is still going strong. It hasn't dried up at all within the past two or so months, which is the longest I think any of my mascaras have lasted so far and it looks amazing on. When I first bought it my eyelashes weren't very long but this mascara seems to have doubled them in length and added tons of volume. Within the two months of using this product it has never once clumped my eyelashes as I have been applying it, unlike many I've tried in the past.

Dr. Organic Scrub

This is the second time this face wash has appeared on one of my posts because I honestly think it is amazing. This face wash has honestly helped clear up my skin loads, meaning that even when I have loads of acne, it is hardly noticeable because this face wash seems to reduce the redness of them and has helped to clear up some of my blackheads as well.

Bio Oil

I have been using Bio Oil for quite a while now and have fallen in love with it. It is great for pretty much everything from dry skin to dark circles and stretch marks. I have used this on my dark under-eye circles for the past two weeks and it has basically made them disappear. I have also used it on my stretch marks and it has made the colour of them less dark and much lighter to the point that they aren't anywhere near as noticeable as they once were.

I bought these Timberlands a while ago and I was in love with them before I even wore them. They are really soft and furry on the inside meaning they are great for winter because they made my feet feel warmer the second I slipped them in. These are actually my first pair of Timberlands and I don't think they will be my last, as they are great quality and super durable, and i have no doubt that they will be good quality for money.

Sea Salt Spray

I did a review of the Lee Stafford Sea Salt range a while ago on my blog and this is basically going to be about the same as that. I have been using this spray a lot more recently, especially when curling my hair, as it helps the curls last longer so that they don't fall out of my thin, relatively fair hair as quickly as they used to. I also have to admit that I quite like the scent of this spray as it has a sweet aroma to it, making it something pleasant to have on your hair all day.

Newton and Polly

This is actually one of the books from my summer reading list that I succeeded in reading, and once I had started reading it, I couldn't put it down. This story is inspired by the true events behind the composing of the well known hymn 'Amazing Grace' and is a truly inspiring story of a mans faith through many hardships in his life and his commitment to the girl he loves. i would recommend this book to anyone, whether you are part of a religion or not.

Hacksaw Ridge

This film came out quite recently and is something that one of my friends told me to watch and I love them for it. This film is about the trues story of the war medic Desmond Doss and his story is one of the most powerful and inspiring stories I have ever heard and think I will ever hear. I also love how the film makers in charge of this film left nothing to the imagination and didn't sugar coat what the war would of been like, which really just adds to the power of Doss's decisions and the awe and respect that this leaves you with at the end of the film. I personally think that everyone needs to watch this film within their lifetime as it is honestly something else!

Fairy Lights

I have always had a love (or maybe obsession :D) with fairy lights. I just love to use them as an alternative way to add light to a room and think it also adds character to the rooms. I also love the different shapes you can find fairy lights in, such as butterflies, light bulbs, flowers and loads more. They also work very well as a way of decorating your room and with the addition of some picture pegs and a few pictures of you and your friends, you have a great way of personalizing them, to make them mean something more to you.

So this concludes my first 'seasonal' favourites post. Let me know in the comment what you thought and if you think this is definitely something you'd like to see more of xx


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