5 Things I Look Forward to in Autumn

I wanted to start this post by apologizing for the huge gap between my last one and the one before it. I have been under a lot of pressure and stress lately from school and work, making it harder for me to come up with blog post ideas so I am going to try posting every other week, as that will give me two weeks between posts to come up with an idea and write it, however I will post outside this time frame if I come up with a post idea that I'm really excited about writing.
I also know that it seems like it's a bit late into the season to post a "5 things I look forward to in Autumn" post, but to be completely honest, I really don't care.
So as autumn is my favourite of the seasons, I thought I would write a post about the things I look forward to, also being the things that make this season my favourite one.

The Gorgeous Colours
I love watching all the trees change from green to lovely shades of red, orange and brown and I don't think I will ever grow bored of seeing this happen every year. I think it's just magical to watch all the delicate leaves blowing around in a mini hurricane of orange, red and brown.

Drinking Hot-Chocolate Like its Going out of Fashion
I love everything to do with chocolate, so having colder seasons give me the best excuse to drink hot-chocolate by the barrel full. I have also seen a few interesting recipes online for different variations other than your normal bog standard chocolate drink so am looking forward to trying these out and may write a post for you guys about all the flavours I try.

The Nights getting Darker Quicker
Something about the night getting darker just makes me think of Christmas, and as autumn is one step closer to it, I am not going to be one to complain. I also find that the world looks gorgeous in that little moment between it being darker but not fully dark yet, as you can only really see the silhouettes of everything around and this in contrast to the dark blue sky with the few remaining clouds really does make autumn that bit better.

Autumnal Eye-shadows
I love experimenting with eye shadows and seeing all the different styles and looks you can create out of a few different eye-shadow shades, but my favourite shades of eye-shadow have to be the autumn nudes, browns, bronzes and pinks, because I think they really do work amazingly alongside every eye-colour.

Film Nights
There is nothing I enjoy more than being able to sit down with my fairy lights turned on, cuddled up in my blanket with a hot drink and tub of ice cream to sit and watch a film or TV series, and now that the nights have started to get darker it just adds to that cosy and warm atmosphere of the room, which to me just seems to make everything that much better.

So that was my 5 things I look forward to about Autumn, I will aim to have a new post for you guys every other weekend, but for now I hope you enjoyed reading this post xx
Thank you to Abi for the autumn trees picture! Xx


  1. Loved this post Leah- mmm hot chocolate :)


    1. Thanks Marti! Lately there's nothing I can think of that's better than sitting down with a nice cup of hot chocolate! Xxx


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