Good News

At the moment I have just finished doing my work experience after having finished my GCSEs a few weeks ago and so haven't got the most time to write posts but I can tell you that starting from now my head will have enough space for the creative juices to flow so I would be expecting a spam of posts as I find the time and head-space I need to write them!
I have a few posts that have been planned and started and I hope to have one of them finished and posted by tomorrow *fingers crossed* so keep your eyes open for that.
Hope all your exams have gone well, for those who've had them, and if you have any interesting plans for the summer I would love to hear about them as they may give me some inspiration as to what to do with myself now that I have all this free time on my hands! :D

Love, Leah xx

P.S. Hope, you like the random photo of the sunset outside my bedroom x


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