My Car Boot Bargains

The other weekend, my family and I went to a car boot sale after church, to which I only brought £35 with me, as I wasn't expecting to find much or anything that I liked/wanted, however, I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across a lovely lady who had a stall with an array of beauty products that she was selling.
In the end, I spent £15 at this stall, which was a HUGE bargain considering the products were all from high-end brands and had I not bought them from there, they would have cost me around £40-£50, if not more.

Benefit: It's A Gals World
This was the first item that I bought and was originally the only item I had planned on buying. To start off with I was only going to buy it because it had a PoreFessional tube in it and I had one ages ago and it worked wonders at hiding my pores when I was applying my makeup.
It also came with a miniature 'They're Real' mascara and 'They're Real' push up eye-liner as well as 4 little eyeshadows and a little booklet full of pointers and ideas.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel: Cream Exfoliator
Bought this because it looked like it would be quite good for a really easy mask to apply and remove and also because it is an exfoliating one, and I've found that my skin has really taken to exfoliators recently. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this works for my skin and the because it's a smaller sized one, it would be great for me to take with me when travelling or going on holiday.

CLARINS: Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
I bought this partly because one of my face washes was starting to run out and also because it seemed like something that would work well to clear my skin a little due to it being more of an expensive brand. It also seemed like a really easy to use face wash for when I'm in a rush and, once again, the small size also made me think that it would work perfectly as a face wash when travelling
Benefit: Gimme Brow
I wasn't too sure if this would be the right shade for me, seeing as my eyebrows are a bit of a mix of light brown and a lighter colour of black, so I thought with this being in Shade 3, it would be a little on the dark side. However, when I tried it, it actually turned out quite well as long as I only applied it really lightly, or else my eyebrows ended up looking ridiculously dark against my fair hair.

Benefit: They're Real
I'd seen this mascara previously on a stand ina  Boots shop and briefly considered buying it until I saw that a full sized tube would cost me close to £30, so I was put off buying it because I didn't wear makeup often enough to spend that much money on one tube of mascara. I got one of these mini 'They're Real' tubes in my 'It's A Gals World' tin and thought that I would get another one because my current mascara was very close to running out. I knew how good the Benefit products are and so didn't see any reason not to spend £1 on it and the before and after pictures that I had seen of it on the Boots stand showed really optimistic results from it.

CLINIQUE: Moisture Surge- Extended Thirst Relief
I bought this because I thought it would be great as a fast-acting moisturizer for when the colder weather begins to arrive because that's when the skin around my nose and the sides of my mouth becomes really dry and flaky, and it's already worked quite well on a little patch that I have on the side of my nose that was really itchy so I'm very happy that I found and bought this, although due to it being from a high-end brand I didn't really have any doubts about whether or not it would be good/work.

CLINIQUE: All About Eyes
This stuff was basically a blessing in disguise when I found it in the tub full of products because with school having started again I knew that tiredness levels were going to rise and the bags under my eyes would soon be able to fit a whole house in them. It's supposed to reduce circles and puffs and, like I said with the moisture surge, due to it being a high-end label I really trust it to work when I desperately need to do something about my dark circles. 


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