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My Car Boot Bargains

The other weekend, my family and I went to a car boot sale after church, to which I only brought £35 with me, as I wasn't expecting to find much or anything that I liked/wanted, however, I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across a lovely lady who had a stall with an array of beauty products that she was selling. In the end, I spent £15 at this stall, which was a HUGE bargain considering the products were all from high-end brands and had I not bought them from there, they would have cost me around £40-£50, if not more.
Benefit: It's A Gals World This was the first item that I bought and was originally the only item I had planned on buying. To start off with I was only going to buy it because it had a PoreFessional tube in it and I had one ages ago and it worked wonders at hiding my pores when I was applying my makeup.
It also came with a miniature 'They're Real' mascara and 'They're Real' push up eye-liner as well as 4 little eyeshadows and a little …

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