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New Gilette Advert, Feminism, Toxic Masculinity and Other Issues Today

A hot topic at the minute is the new Gillette advert and its, in my opinion, true portrayal of how oblivious today's society is of toxic masculinity and objectifying/sexualising women, and other issues, but I'm not saying that all men are toxic and inappropriate to women, because I know that's not true, just some are.
I personally think that the main reason for all the backlash is because of some refusing to accept that some men in society really do mirror those shown in the advert. I do think, however, that the ad may have been a bit 'harsh' and blunt with its message, but in all honesty, if it wasn't as blunt and to the point, would people actually take notice of its message.
Me and my friend, Mia, were talking recently about the advert, and I thought that this would make a good guest post, as she would be able to voice her ideas to a wider audience: Would you say that you are a feminist and if so, why?
I would not call myself a feminist but would call myself an …

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