Christmas Baking

I don't really know if you would class this post as misleading as I am actually using a ready made mix for this.

The mix I am using is a gluten-free mug brownie mix that I was given from a friend as a Christmas present.

The first step is to put 15g of nutter into a small mug and melt it in the microwave for about 15 seconds.
Then it says to add 30ml of milk and the brownie mix into the mug and mix it together until it looks something like this:

Then you microwave it on high for 1 minute in a 800W microwave. Then leave it for 3 minutes to cool before eating.

I also added a scoop of ice cream just to take the hint off of the brownie and also because I couldn't resist...

Quick Tip: Wipe butter around the sides of the mug so that the brownie doesn't stick to the sides, making life a lot easier for whoever ends up washing the cup xx


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