Christmas Yays and Nays

I don't know about you guys, but in between all of the good things that come from Christmas there are a few things that sour the occasion. Most of these 'Nays' as I'm going to call them will be more relatable if, like me, you have siblings. So these will be more my own opinion than 'fact' based.

  • You get loads of presents and some money.
  • You have an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast; it's Christmas.
  • You get 2 weeks off from school.
  • Snowmen will take over your back garden (unless you live in England in which case you spend the Christmas either wishing for snow or hoping it doesn't come).
  • Christmas dinner.
  • Siblings seem to loose grasp of what a lie-in is on Christmas morning.

  • The summer body you worked hard on disappears with your sweets and chocolate do.
  • Younger siblings take it upon themselves to help you open YOUR presents.
  • There never seems to be anywhere to put your presents in your room.
  • Everything is over within 10 minutes and the living room looks like a wrapping paper bomb has just gone off.
  • Wrapping presents for family is so frustrating and pointless when it's just going to be ripped off again.
So these are my Christmas Yays! and Christmas Nays! I hope you were all able to relate to at least on of each of them. I'd love to know which you agree with and if you think I missed something in the comments below x

BTW guys... 
It's less than 3 days until Christmas!!!! Xx


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