Favourite Christmas Movies

One of the best things about the lead up to Christmas is being able to watch Christmas movies 24/7 because there is always at least one of them on TV and you don't even have to buy the DVD of it or go digging around in rooms to find the DVD that you know is kicking around somewhere.
Personally, I think there is no better way to get into the Christmas mood by getting cosy in your room with a cup of hot chocolate and watching your favourite Christmas film.
So I decided to share my 10 favourite Christmas movies with you in the hope of spreading the Christmas mood with you guys.
The films are in no particular order because I don't have a number one favourite one because I love all these films equally.
Sorry for any spoilers that I may give away when explaining why I like these 10 particular films.

The first one is Arthur Christmas. I love this film because it brings a modern and funny side to Christmas.

The next one is Bridget Jones diary. I added this film to the list because I love how funny and hopeless Bridget is through-out the film.

The reason I put Elf on this list is because Buddy is so funny because he thinks he's an elf so through-out the film he does things that are so ridiculous to others but they make sense to him and he doesn't realize how ridiculous some of the things are.

Home Alone has been one of my favourite films to watch all year round as well as at Christmas because I think it's great how Kevin ends up home alone with two guys trying to break in but instead of running in terror like most kids would, he sets the most ridiculous and the funniest traps to catch them.

The Grinch is a great Christmas film in my opinion because I love how the Grinch is very grumpy and against Christmas at first but in the end he has a change of heart. I also enjoy the part when he dresses up as Father Christmas.

I'm not even going to lie about why Love Actually is on this list. I just love Rom Coms.

Nativity is one of those films that, in my opinion, you have to watch each year because the nativity play that the children put on is just one of the best and cutest things I have ever seen.

Rise of the Guardians is on this list because I love films like this where good always defeats evil and I love how all of the different people all come together to help each other.

Part of the reason that I like this film is because I think the dog is really cute but i also love how the dog brings so much happiness to the children in the film and I feel like at this time, with all the refugees fleeing their homes, everyone could do with the same joy that the dog brings to the orphans.

I like The Polar Express because I love how the boy in the climbs on this train, not really believing in father Christmas but by the end of everything that happens, he believes and can hear the sleigh bells.

So these are my 10 favourite Christmas movies and as I said at the start of this post, sorry for any spoilers for any of you who may not have seen some of these films.




    1. So do I, although I have only seen it a handful of times xx


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