First Blogmas Post!- My Christmas (and Winter) Must Haves

So Christmas is on it's way and the weather is slowly becoming colder so there are a few things that in my opinion are a good idea to have. So most of what I'm going to list are things that I have, that I think are good things to have and others are things that in my opinion most people should have.

The first thing is a fleecy blanket. I bought myself this really nice and soft one last year from PoundStretchers and have been in love with it since because it is so good at warming me up when I'm cold in the evening or during the day. I also think that it is a really good thing to have during winter because I often find that during the night when it gets cold, it is a great thing to have to be able to pull over your duvet as an extra layer.

The next thing that I think is a good idea to have for this time of year is a jumper. On one of my previous posts I told you some ideas of fall outfits and in the first one I mentioned a jumper. Once this jumper came trough the post from New Look, I was instantly in love with it because it is so comfy and once I'd worn it a few times, it was like wearing a pair of old boots because of how comfy it was.

Another thing is candles. This isn't something that I am saying that everyone should have but more of a thing that I have and think would be something nice to share with you guys. My favourite scent to have, personally, is vanilla because I find it a really warming scent and I also feel like it's really suitable for Christmas.

This next one is more food based and something that I am in love with at the moment. Hot chocolate. Lately there has been nothing that I have loved more than sitting in my room watching a Christmas film drinking a hot drink, especially hot chocolate. Personally I think that it tastes so much more better with some cream and mini marshmallows.

This next item is something that I basically live in, in an evening once autumn starts and they are bed socks. However I do take them off before I go to bed because I just don't understand how people can wear socks to bed. I'm not trying to say that it makes you weird, it's just my honest opinion. I normally get mine from PoundStretchers because they are always on offer for 3 for £1.99 which is great for me because I am constantly getting holes in them.

So these are my winter/Christmas must haves. I personally think that quite a few of these things would be a great idea for most people but everyone's different so you may not agree. If you thing that there is something that is in your opinion vital to have for Christmas and winter let me know in the comments xx


  1. Fluffy socks + hot chocolate = my life hahah
    P.S. I'm one of those weirdos who wear fluffy socks in bed #noshame


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