My 'Woolly' Collection

I find Christmas and winter are a great time and excuse to buy and wear all of my woolly socks, jumpers and scarves that lie around in my wardrobe until this time of the year when it starts to get colder. So I decided to share with you my collection of jumpers and mainly bed socks and scarves.

My favourite jumper currently has been mentioned in a past post already but this is because I love it so much. It is the black pattern one from New Look that I mentioned in my fall outfit ideas. It is £7.99 and is available in three other colors.

The next jumper is one that I have had for about 2 years now so it is literally like old boots when I put it on because it is quite old and has been worn a few times. It is similar to the one below but not the same as it because I don't think that shop I got it from sells it anymore. This one is from Matalan and is £8.00.

This next item is something that I have mentioned in my Christmas/winter must haves as well and it is bed socks. I normally get mine from PoundStretchers because, as I said before, I wear them so much that they are constantly getting holes in them. They are available for 3 for £1.99 and available in 3 others colors on the website but there are loads of others available in the shop.

My next thing is a woolly cardigan that I got last year with my money from Christmas from George at ASDA. This one that I found online is very similar to my one. I would say that the only differences are the color and the added pockets on this one. It costs £22.00.,default,pd.html

This scarf has been my favourite out of all the ones I own because I just love how soft it is. I was given this scarf/snood for my birthday or Christmas last year (mt dory memory wont let me remember which :D) and have been looking for any excuse to use it since. It costs £10 from Dorothy Perkins.

This next item is also a scarf that I haven't worn as much as the previous one but I still love it as a scarf to wear on a really cold winter day because it is so thick and good at keeping me warm but it isn't really bulky when I have it on. The scarf is from accessorize and the one i have found online is very similar with my one being a bit darker and having more navy blue on it and it costs £22.00.,acc_5.9/1878819900 

So this is my 'woolly' collection that gets plenty of use during winter and to be completely honest I would be very surprised if people didn't have anything similar to this for the colder months of the year but each to themselves xx


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