Sprucing Up Your Presents

As it gets closer to Christmas, I usually find myself surrounded by presents that i have bought for my family and also ones from my parents to each other that they have asked me to wrap. However some of these presents are the most awkward shape ever to wrap meaning that by the time I have finished wrapping it, it looks like I have just done it blindfolded. So I usually tie a ribbon around it to make it look more interesting and also to hide my terrible wrapping skills.
I normally have an array of ribbon to choose from to do it but this year I have found that my 'stocks' were a little low so I went out and bought some more of the 'plastic ribbon' that I normally curl around the blade of a pair of scissors to make it look nicer.
But when I went out to get more I went a little overboard and bought more than I needed but hopefully what I have will last for a good while xx


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