How to Rock the No Makeup look

During the first week of this month, I went on an outward bound trip with school and this week happened to be the week before half term. So as part of my toiletries, I took my mascara because I didn't really want to go a week with no makeup on. But I actually found that I never ended up using it through that entire week and the next time I actually used makeup was almost 2 weeks after the start of that trip when I first went back to work.
Ever since then, I have found that I really can't be bothered with makeup as much as I used to be and I spent most of the Easter holidays with none on, so I am going to give you guys some tips on how to rock the no makeup look.

1) It's all in the hair.
My first piece of advice for you if you are going to go for the no makeup look to do something different with your hair or something more interesting than a bog standard ponytail. I'm not saying that you can't do high ponys, but what I'm trying to say is make sure if you do put your hair in any form of ponytail, make sure your hair isn't just flat on your head, instead tug at it a bit to add volume and pull a few strands of hair loose to frame your face.

2) look after your face!
I understand that this may be an obvious thing, but I can honestly admit that I am guilty of becoming bored of my facial care routine and just sacking it off, which I would then regret about a week later.
Also, a piece of advice I found online the other day; I saw a post telling you not to expect the state your face may be in to improve drastically quickly because it takes time for your face to fully clear of spots and acne, especially if you are using new products you haven't used before.
I have personally seen this with my new face wash because I got it about a month ago and have only just seen a real improvement with my face but I'm glad I stuck to it because between my regular use of the face wash and the lack of makeup over the Easter, my face is nearly clear of acne, which makes pulling off the no makeup look easier.

3) Bio Oil
I am in love with Bio oil because it is great for dark under eyes. All you need to do is put some on your finger and give your under eyes a quick massage with it and then leave it on for a while. I recommend leaving it on overnight so that the oil has enough time to fully soak in.
I personally only really use makeup to cover my dark circles and acne but by using Bio Oil, I have found that I no longer really need to do this because they have gradually lightened from the use of this oil, which means that I don't look half dead with no makeup on.

4) Coconut oil
Coconut oil is great for growing long eyelashes and thick eyebrows to really add definition to them without the use of and eyebrow kit/pencil and eye mascara. All you need to do for your eyelashes is rub your finger in some and rub this along your lash line and eyelashes, and for your eyebrows, rub an eyebrow comb in some coconut oil and them groom your brows with this comb and watch your eyelashes grown longer and brows grow thicker

5) Clear Mascara
Now I understand that this is probably cheating, but nobody will be able to see that you are wearing this and it may make you feel more comfortable to know that you have some form of makeup on, even if others can't see it.

So these are my tips for how to rock the no makeup look and I hope that these have helped those of you who may be losing the will with makeup, a little like me xx


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