Lee Stafford Sea Salt Range 'Review'

My hair is naturally curly but up until September last year, I straightened it for a good 6 years to the point that I had all but straightened my curls out.
But around the start of September I left my hair to dry naturally after I had had a shower and I found that I actually really liked my natural hair, so up until March this year I was leaving my hair to do its thing, other than the odd occasion when I straightened it.
When I mentioned to my mum about getting a perm, she said she would speak to someone she knew who was a hairdresser about whether this was a good idea. This person then mentioned the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray that was supposed to be great for curly hair, which I took an interest in.
Then on my birthday in March, I found that had been given the Sea Salt Crystal Shampoo, Sea Salt Foaming Conditioner and the Sea Salt Spray.

OK. Waffle over; now for my review (I wouldn't really say this is a review, more me giving my opinion, but I didn't really think the title, 'My opinion on the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Range', would work very well).

So I have been using these items, specifically the spray, for a good month (I have been using the shampoo and conditioner every 3-4 days) and I can honestly say that I have seen a huge difference in how easily my curls form when my hair dries and how better they have formed compared to the frizzy, curly mess that I used to end up with.
I also have relatively thin hair and have found that these products have also added a little volume to my hair, making it look a little thicker than it actually is, which you could say is the cherry on the top as I only expected this range to just emphasize the curls in my hair.
I would personally recommend this range to people with wavy/curly hair as the products really help to make these hair types bolder and emphasizes them.

Links to the:
Shampoo, £9.99- http://www.boots.com/lee-stafford-sea-salt-shampoo-200ml-10225826
Conditioner, £7.99- http://www.boots.com/lee-stafford-sea-salt-foam-conditioner-150ml-10225827
Spray, £7.99- http://www.boots.com/lee-stafford-beach-babe-sea-salt-spray-150ml-10083083

There is also a styling mist, costing £9.99, available in the Sea Salt range that i have never tried. The link for this is, http://www.boots.com/lee-stafford-sea-salt-seaweed-and-algae-styling-mist-150ml-10225828

There is also a 'Poker Straight' range available from Lee Stafford that I would recommend to people with straight hair, based on the effectiveness of the range for curlier hair types.
The links for the:
Shampoo, £5.99- http://www.boots.com/lee-stafford-poker-straight-p250-shampoo-250ml-10072276
Conditioner, £5.99- http://www.boots.com/lee-stafford-poker-straight-p250-conditioner-250ml-10072274
Dehumidifier Spray, £2.19- http://www.boots.com/lee-stafford-poker-straight-dehumidifier-spray-50ml-10072281
Shine Serum, £7.99- http://www.boots.com/lee-stafford-poker-straight-shine-serum-50ml


  1. These look like really awesome products! No use for my hair though aha! Curly hair is so beautiful, and I'm really jealous of yours xx


    1. Aw, thanks Marti. They are really good products.
      I always thought you hair was wavy but you could always give the Poker Straight range a go xxx


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