Summer Reading List

The summer holidays have finally started and I could not be happier because I now have six weeks to relax and have fun, and it is also six weeks in which I will be mostly work free meaning I will hopefully have more room in my head for thinking up blog ideas, which is why I have challenged myself to write at least six blog posts within the summer holidays, and so far I have seven ideas, meaning I'm already on track to achieve and possibly beat this target.
So the first of these posts is my summer reading list. I love reading. Although I will shamefully admit that I have fallen into the deep black hole known as fan-fiction, no thanks to a friend who will no be named but will know who they are when they read this... but this reading list is going to be a list of actual paperback books that I am going to read.

Divergent Series:
I love reading book series because I find it really interesting to see how the story unfolds as I read each book and I also read these books last summer and I feel like having a kind of throw back to last year.

The Revenant:
I haven't actually read the book or watched the film of The Revenant and there haven't been many occasions where I have read the book before watching a film and so I plan to do this with with The Revenant.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:
This is the first 19th century novel I read and I only read it because we did it in English, but as we were reading it in lessons, I found myself not wanting to put the book down, so I figured I would re-read it over the summer. 

Hill of the Angels:
I have read this book once so fare since I was given it at Christmas and I love it as it is written from the perspective of two girls who are on different sides during the English Civil War between 1642 and 1651 and gives you an insight to the power of true friendship.

The Fault in our Stars:
I am actually shamed to admit that I haven't actually read the full book of The Fault in our Stars and I apologize profusely to any of you who I have just offended but I have decided that this summer I am going to finally read the full novel.

Newton & Polly: A Novel of Amazing Grace:
This is another book I got at Christmas but I have never really found the time to read enough of this book to actually 'get into it' and spo have never read past the first chapter so I'm going to finish this book over the next few days, hopefully as I have already started reading it.
 Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter:
I was given this book by a friend for by my birthday a few months ago and have loved every page. This book is great for dipping in and out of. There are some great things in this book from advice to crafts you can try and I am going to read over this book again to be sure that I can remember the tips inside.


  1. Interesting post! Divergent is an awesome series and I'm intrigued about Hill of the Angels xx


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