Healthy Summer Snacks

At the moment, me and my family are trying to eat healthily, and so I decided to try find a few healthy evening/daytime snacks that I could eat guilt-free. So I thought up a few ideas that I tried and loved. So I thought I would share them with you guys in case you were trying to eat healthier or in case you see any of these and decide to try them out.

Detox Water Ice Lollies

I don't really know where the inspiration for this came from but I was sat drinking one of my detox waters that o had previously put into the fridge to make it cold as it was boiling and thought that it may be worth making guilt free ice lollies out of it.
There isn't really a certain way to make these. You could put plain water and fruit into the mould or infused water and the fruit from this water into it or even infused water without the original fruit in it and replace the old fruit with fresh fruit. It really depends on your preferences.
If you're looking for a refreshing flavor, I would recommend either raspberry and mint or frozen summer fruits, previously mentioned on my detox water post.

Fresh Fruit and Low Fat Yogurt

I personally think that this snack is more of an evening snack/supper but it would still make a good daytime snack.
normally I would fill one of out small IKEA bowls about 2/3 of the way with low fat yogurt and then top it off with fresh fruit during the winter and frozen fruit during the summer, to make it that bit more refreshing.

Fruit Bowl

I don't know about you but in my house we have a fruit bowl that has a variety of fruit in it that we can eat when looking for something to eat. I know this one seems obvious, but after eating healthier foods for a while now I have found that I would rather eat and apple if I'm feeling hungry, instead of a packet of crisps or something similar.
I also use this snack when I can't be bothered to prepare any of the previous snacks on this post or if I just want to eat something a bit more plain and simple.

Mmmmm... Ice Cream

Now I know many of you will have read this heading and may now be a bit confused so allow me to expand.
Those of you familiar with the Eat Well Plate will know that foods with more fat and sugar, like crisps and ice cream, are actually part of a healthy diet, meaning if you want to treat yourself to some Ben and Jerry's each weekend, you can do so guilt free

P.S. Sorry about the irregular posting, at the minute I'm kinda writing posts whenever I feel inspired to write something xx


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