Summer Shopping Haul

So at the moment I am on holiday, so this post is only going to be a quick one.
Before going on holiday, I figured it'd extend my summer wardrobe by catching some of the sales online and also because I wanted some new jeans and tops.
At first I looked on New Look but found that they didn't really have anything that I liked, so I checked out H&M, and found a few things I wanted and some more items that I liked. Overall I managed to find quite a nice range of items that are both really nice and just what I needed.

Skinny Jeans

Sweatshirt Shorts in Grey Marl

Jersey Top in Powder Pink

Short Sleeveless Top in Powder Pink and White

Two Basic Vests in Black

Basic Vest in Beige

Two Pairs of Shorts With Lace Details


  1. Those shorts are adorable! Very you Leah :) xxx

    1. They're really great and the lace detail adds that little bit of class to a somewhat plain outfit xx


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