My Re-found Love of Harry Potter

One of my friends has a rather amusing habit of becoming obsessed with TV shows, films and books that she likes at the time, and at this current moment that obsession is Harry Potter. So of course she has been talking to me about this and about things that occur in the films and so of course I have re-found my love for it.
Like most things we end up obsessed with, we have these little inside jokes that when we reference them, we start laughing uncontrollably and receive odd looks from those around us who do not understand them
We also have a few select quotes from the books/films that we often repeat to each other at random times for no particular reason.
These quotes are also different in the film to what it says in the books which we reacted to by screaming that it was different and leaving it at that.
I have already watched the films multiple times and personally prefer all the films after the first three but I do know a few people who prefer different ones to me. However I have not read any of the books other than the second one- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Now before you all do a double take, you read right. I have only read the second book, which means I haven't read he first one before it. I apologise for any of you who I may have made cry because you firmly believe that you must read a series in order, and I agree with you but this is like 5 years ago when I was 10, so can we let bygones be bygones?
At the moment though, it is my aim to read all the books, and in the correct order this time, and at the time of me writing this post I have nearly finished the first book.

Now onto a website that many of you Harry Potter lovers may have previously discovered; Pottermore.
So, I thought that seeing as I am deeply interested in Harry Potter at the moment, and also because my friends keep asking what house I am, what my patronus was etc. that I would check it out and give it a few of the things on the website a go, so I'm going to use this part of the post to tell you guys what my house, patronus and wand results were when I took the quizzes on this website.

When I took the quiz, the result for my patronus was a tigress. I am actually really happy with this patronus as I was previously in love with the big cats species because I love how majestic this species appeared in comparison to many others, and to this day still like them a fair bit, and so having one of them as my patronus has made me quite happy.

I was also quite happy to discover that the house I was sorted into was Gryffindor. Gryffindor is my favourite of the four houses so finding out that I had been sorted into this house was a very pleasant surprise. This house values courage, determination and bravery, some of which qualities I do believe to see in myself from time to time.

I don't really know much about the wands in Harry Potter, so I had to read about this wand on the section with more information. My wand is a Laurel Wood with a Phoenix Feather core, 10" and Hard Flexibility. 
Laurel wood is loyal, preforms some of the most powerful spells and doesn't tolerate laziness from the owner.
Phoenix feathers are the rarest core and are capable of the greatest range of magic, sometimes act of their own accord and are the pickiest when it comes to owners.
The wand flexibility deters the degree of adaptability and willingness to change of the wand and it's owner.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hearing about my current interests and results from the Pottermore quizzes. I may write a few more posts similar to this one in the future, as this is not the first time my friend has successfully made me interested/obsessed with her current interests. Let me know in the comments if you can relate to anything I have talked about in this post and any opinions you may have as well xx
I do not own the patronus and house symbol images


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