My Everyday Autumn Make-up

With it being autumn, my make-up has changed a little to fit with the season a little better. I am currently wearing more make-up that I did in summer, purely because the heat would normally cause me to sweat it all off...
I also apply my makeup a little differently to how most people do, but this is a way that suits me and I also like how it make me different to everybody else.

Normally I would start off by putting some of my No.7 Perfect Pressed Light Powder in shade Fair all over my face to mattify it a little and also to cover up some of my excess oil and grease.

Then I would fill in my eyebrows using my MUA eyebrow pencil in the blonde shade. I have quite dark eyebrows naturally but they normally have little patches that are a little sparse compared to the rest of it so I use this pencil to even everything out a little.

After I then use either my Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette iconic 3, which I am in love with at the moment, or my H&M eye-shadow palette. I have been loving experimenting with my Makeup Revolution palette, but my favourite look is to use (from left to right) the 6th bronze coloured shade in my crease, the pink/purple shade to the left of that on the rest of my lid, the 9th and darkest shade to deepen my crease a little, the 2nd/3rd shade, depending on how shimmery a shade I want to use, to highlight my brow-bone, inner corner and eye lid and then the 7th shade under my eye as an eyeliner of sorts.

I use my limited edition Pixie Lott the Falsies Push Up Mascara from Maybelline as almost a 'base coat' of mascara, mainly to add some definition to my lashes and then follow this with my Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara to add further definition and amazing volume to my lashes, which leaves my already quite long lashes looking very long and extremely volumous.

I then use a my MUA white eyeliner along my waterline, which I have been doing for a long while now, as I think that it makes my eyes look really bright and the blue in them a lot lighter than the grey/blue colour that they normally are, especially in contrast with the relatively dark shade of eye-shadow use to underline my eyes.

I then finish my look using my Maybelline Master Sculpt for contour along the sides of my nose, under my cheek-bones and along the underside of my jaw and my Barry M Light me Up Liquid Highlighter along my cheekbones, sometimes on my brow-bone and on my cupids bow.

So that was my everyday Autumn Make-up routine. I may do similar posts to this in the future for the different seasons or if there is a lot that changes within the products I use because I start experimenting with others, in which case I will also add a little review of then, but for now I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are interested in any of the products I mentioned I have linked them all through-out the post xx
There is no link for the H&M eye shadows as I could not find them on the website, possibly because they have been discontinued.
The highlighter linked for the Barry M highlighter is a similar colour highlighter but a different product as the liquid one is a discontinued line


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