Looking Back on my New Years Resolutions

First of all, I hope you all had a great Christmas!!

2018 is less than a week away now meaning there may be many people who have eaten most of their Christmas chocolate whilst thinking to themselves 'I'm going to get fit in the new year', similar to myself this time last year, except that never happened. So I thought I might look back at what was quite a big post for me to be drafting this time last year, as it was with this post that I decided that this blog would no longer be anonymous; my new year's resolutions of 2017.

At this moment I am actually thinking of making a few new year's resolutions for 2018, but more along the lines of something I know I will do, instead of something I hope to do, but am thinking that it probably won't happen in the back of my mind, and I figured that this might be a good time to take a minute and look back on my resolutions from the start of this year (nearly wrote 'from last year' then... oops!)

1) My first resolution was to get back into my running and to be completely honest, it never happened! Although I did do 2 pretty good runs when I was looking at gyms that I was considering getting a membership at.
2) Keep my room tidy for more than a week- SUCCESS! (to some degree). This year I have actually managed to keep my room tidy about 60% of the time, this being when I've just cleaned it because the mess annoyed me and kept it that way for about 10 days before the mess returned, might try to do better next year!
3) Eat healthier because I will be running. Obviously, the running never happened but I have been eating healthier to the point that I no longer crave junk food as much and also can't stomach eating as much as I used to.
4) Spend less money and save each month. This was forgotten about almost instantly, but after about April I did start spending less and have been saving to some degree but I am currently broke after buying Christmas presents...
5) Get homework done the day it is assigned. Meh, some of it is done, other bits are left to the last minute. It really depends on my mentality of the day, if it's been a long and hard day homework doesn't really get done but if I've had a relatively easy day, I am normally up for getting my homework done.
6) Make blog no longer anonymous. I think this was a success... :D
Clearly, I fully succeeded in this resolution, or else you wouldn't actually know who I am right now. I have to admit, this was one of the best things I have ever done, as I don't need to worry about accidentally slipping something in one of my posts that tells you who I am, and no longer need to worry about running 2 social media accounts.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I'd love to hear how you did with your resolutions over the course of this year xx


  1. Loved this post Leah- thought I'd apologise again for accidentally saying your name while your blog was anonymous!
    Lotta love,

    1. Thank Marti- It's fine, kinda makes me laugh now whenever I think of it :D xx

  2. Aww this is a really nice post, new year goals are always fun to read but it's cool to see someone looking back at last year's goals! I'm glad you feel accomplished and especially congrats on making your blog no longer anonymous! Hope you've had a good start to 2018! If you fancy a read, I've posted my 2018 Goals over on my blog :) xx

    Molly//Molly Bee

    1. Thanks! It's definitely been easier since I decided my blog would not be anonymous. I felt like looking back would help me make sure I achieve all mine this year. I'll have a look and see your aims for this year, might be insightful :) xx


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