Goals for the New Year- Post by Marti

I didn't revise for my first set of mocks, I'm going to admit that plain and simply. The time they took place, my head was somewhere else entirely and I was admittedly a little unstable. The thought of being in school any longer than I had to be seemed unthinkable and I wanted out. I looked around and found the idea of an apprenticeship to be the best option. I figured that I'd scrape passes in my GCSEs and leave it at that.

I found it tricky to concentrate in lessons and dealt with the stress in the only way I knew how: staring outside and imagining I was somewhere else entirely. I suppose that's the bulk of the problem; the fact that I have my head in the clouds.

The little piece of paper with my grades on was definitely a harsh slap across the face for me. Before, I didn't think I cared so much about doing well in school, but after seeing how much better I could have done if I'd have only helped myself, I realised that's what I needed to do.

I started to set goals for myself and worked until I achieved them. Some were just little goals like being kinder to myself, and others were bigger like staying behind an extra hour after school every day to do more work. They're gradually starting to pay off, and my marks are benefitting as a result. In a previous physics test I earnt a grade 4 (low pass) whereas, after a lot of hard work, I was a few marks off a 7 (equivalent to old GCSE A) in the next. This is the same for all of my subjects, even maths, where the teacher believes I can achieve a 7 if I push myself hard enough.

One of my biggest ambitions for the new year is to pass all of my GCSEs with a B or above. I have high hopes for Marti, who might even make it to university one day.

In short, I challenge you to push yourself this new year.
Let's do it together :)
Marti- pinksmartiesblog.com


  1. Yay- thanks for sharing my post Leah :) xx

    1. It is completely fine Marti, it was a brilliant post! Xx :)

  2. I didn't revise for my mocks either, it helped me in a way realise what subjects I needed to focus on x

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. Got to be honest, I never really revise either but I have realised that I need to get my stuff together a bit before my mocks. I suppose the saying 'you never make the same mistake twice' is very true in this case xx


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