Reasons Why I Love The Snow!

At the moment I am actually enjoying a snow day at home, which is part of the reason I felt inspired to tell you guys why I LOVE the snow.

  • Snow days.
  • Making snowmen and snowball fights.
  • How pretty everything looks with thick layers of snow on top of them.
  • How aesthetic everything is!
  • My sister in her snowsuit.
  • Drinking hot chocolate just because
  • Wellies.
  • Wearing bed socks all day.
  • Having a reason to stay in bed all day.
  • Watching all the little flurries fall to the ground.
  • How amazing freshly fallen snow is!
  • Having the perfect opportunity for an Instagram.


  1. Your positivity is just what I needed to hear, Leah! Honestly- everybody in town is so grumpy! Here's to a happy snow day haha!

    1. Why would you be grumpy when it's snowing so nearly everyone gets a snow day! #beastfromtheeast :D


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