LUSH Dark Angels Face Wash Review

I have been using this face wash now for about a month now and it has honestly worked miracles for my skin and has become a staple item in my skincare routine. I use it alongside another face wash due to it being an exfoliating face wash with its charcoal and black sugar.
Before I continue applauding this face wash, I will point out one very small thing that this face wash does 'wrong'.
Those of you who have used this face wash before, or have looked at reviews online, will know that dark angel can leave slight black smudges on your face, left over from the charcoal, and some people online have said that they have had to use another face wash to wash this off, but it is utter nonsense. I almost always find that if I wash my face properly there are no smudges left over, however whenever I am left with smudges, my toner easily gets rid of it (and for those of you still not convinced, my toner from Simple and my Garnier micellar water also gets rid of it easily, both of which are very inexpensive), so don't think that you'll have to wash your face twice or buy expensive products to get rid of the charcoal smudges.
Now that that has been said, let's get back to the many positive attributes of this face wash.
Due to the face wash being from LUSH, it will be a little expensive for some at £7.50 for 100g, but I find that you only need to use a lump about the size of a small blueberry to rub into a paste each time you wash your face, so the 100g ends up lasting longer than you'd expect it to, which (in my opinion) makes it more than worth the money.
My skin is quite oily and prone to breakouts, so I'm not sure how it would work for other skin that may be more sensitive or less prone to breakouts than mine, however it has really worked miracles on my face and leaves it feeling SO SMOOTH every time I use it, even before moisturising, thanks to its avocado oil and vegetable glycerine.
Another great thing about this product is that it is vegan, so even though I am not one myself, I can still know that I am getting something that I can buy with a good conscience and that I can also recommend to others without having to worry if it's suitable or not.
However, one of the main reasons this product has a permanent place in my skincare routine is that it has really improved the quality of my skin to the point that I had people complimenting me on it when I hadn't even realised that all my spots had cleared up. Which made it a great confidence booster, because although I don't normally wear makeup (because I know all it will do for me is clog my pores and worsen my skin), I do have the urge to just cover every spot that I get in concealer, so having something that both improve this, but also makes it noticeable to others, is a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence, so I honestly cannot recommend it enough!
Hope you all like reading my review of this product, and I may review a few others that I use in the future, so watch out for that!
If you have any products you'd like me to review, let me know in the comments and I will get onto that ASAP, or if you have anything to add to what I have said or have something you don't agree with, I'd also love to know.
Love, Leah xx


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