Spring/Summer Favourites

Turns out I've not actually done one of these style posts since my summer favourites post last year (which doesn't seem so long ago) so I figured I would try to get back into doing these posts by telling you guys what my favourite products are from spring and so far this summer.

Nivea Hand Cream
I previously had a really bad habit of biting my nails to the point that I barely had any nail left at all, but after getting my nails done for my prom, my natural nails were able to grow underneath the extensions to the point that I was able to paint them. However, even before getting my nails done, they weren't very healthy, and after taking my prom nails off, they were left in even worse condition, with 'grooves' left in my nails from where it had been pulled out by the extensions (probably my own fault for peeling them off, but to be fair one did fall off before I did this). This hand cream has been brilliant at repairing my nails to that point that about 2 and a half weeks on, these 'grooves' have all but disappeared, and has helped me maintain my long healthy nails, which is brilliant for painting them bright colours over summer!

LUSH Dark Angels Face Wash
I'm not going to say too much about this product because of my review I did of it in my last post but I will say that it is a miracle worker and has done wonders for reducing the amounts of excess oil I have had on my skin during this hot weather.

LUSH Ro's Argan
I honestly love this lotion so much. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling fabulous! It is one of the in shower conditioners from LUSH making it super easy to use and much quicker than normal body lotions that can also leave you feeling a little sticky and uncomfortable when wearing clothes, unlike Ro's Argan. This also keeps my skin well hydrated in the hot weather and aids my tanning along nicely, even giving me some colour on my legs that would otherwise stay very pale.

Garnier Toner
This toner has been brilliant during the hot weather in the UK as it seems to have a cooling effect when used, which is more than welcome after a warm shower. It also appears to have done a great job of closing any open pores I have after washing my face as I have noticed my skin has been a bit clearer since I started using it. I also think that it smells really nice, making it more pleasant to use than one I've used in the past that didn't smell as good, meaning I had to get rid of it.

Garnier Tissue Mask
These masks are another item that have become a staple item in my skincare routine, and I honestly can't get enough of them. Each time I use one of these masks, my skin seems to have brightened and cleared up after the 15 minutes I've left them on for. They are super easy to use compared to other face masks as well because you don't need to faff about with putting it on your face and then washing it off afterwards, before maybe cleaning again and moisturising. But instead with these you just position it on your face and leave it for the however long it says before taking it off and rubbing leftover serum in, making them great for a last minute skin saver.

Superdrug Foot Sock Packs
Because both my previous and current job includes a lot of standing on my feet, and as my family do a lot of walking when we go on days out, my feet aren't the best looking, with my heels resembling that of a middle-aged person, and despite my best efforts previously, I struggled to get rid of/help it. But since finding these foot socks they have helped to improve the look of my feet immensely, which is a huge bonus this close to summer when I will be wearing sandals more often. Both the honey & almond and the peppermint & tea tree scented packs smell amazing as well, which I love. I usually do these packs during the evening so I can put my normal socks on after taking them off, when some of the pack 'stuff' is still on my feet as then I can sleep overnight (I know, sleeping with socks on) with them on and take them off in the morning to find nice smooth feet.

Charcoal Peel-Off Face Mask
I bought these from Home Bargains a while ago, not really expecting them to be that good, but I thought I would give them a whirl anyway. When I first used these masks I was very pleasantly surprised because when I pulled it off all my blackheads and all other dirt from my pores can with it (also including any hairs I had on my face, but you win some and you lose some I guess) and I use them now about once every fortnight, just to empty my pores of EVERYTHING. I have to admit that these masks are an absolute gem as they were only £1 for a pack of five, and I found one sachet was a little more than enough to cover my whole face, meaning I wasn't having to use multiple just to get a decent layer on my face.

Frozen Blueberries
These aren't a beauty product, but rather something that I recommend to anyone who likes blueberries. I love having a little bowl of these in an evening as they are super refreshing in the hot weather and they can also be quite sweet, curbing any cravings I have for sweets and chocolate quite nicely. They have quickly become one of my favourite snacks to eat and luckily I can eat loads of them guilt-free as they are super healthy compared to the junk food I could be eating.

Hope you liked my spring/summer favourites post and in the future, I am going to aim to make this kind of post more frequent, rather than the annual thing they have become accidentally :D
Love, Leah xx


  1. I've myself a mission to tryout more LUSH products - loads of people keep raving and I only own one of their products!

    Sophie xx

    One Unique

    1. I promise you that they are all worth every penny! If you want to know about any other LUSH products, let me know as there are quite a few I've had in the past that I haven't blogged about! Xx


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