Holiday Snapshots

My sister enjoying a milkshake at
Waiting for my dad, brothers and sister to
finish their ride on The Skegness Wheel

A quick stop at Mr G's for something to eat
until the rain stops
My brothers, my sister and I at
Mablethorpe once it had stopped raining

A picture of me my mum took of me walking
along Mablethorpe beach
Recreating a picture my mum took of my
siblings and I last year

A quick stop for fish and chips at Chapel
St. Leonard's
Me and my mum at a pick your own fruit farm

Our tent and windbreaks at our pitch
Walking along the pier at Chapel St.

My final haul after visiting the pick your own farm.

After ages of wanting it done, I finally but the bullet in
Ingoldmells and got my rook pierced!
Love, Leah xx


  1. Lovely pictures Leah! Bet you had a fab time :)

    1. Aw thanks Marti! We all had a great time. Hope you all enjoyed your holiday! Xx


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