Summer Holiday Clothes Shop

About a year on from when I last did a post like this, I am now going to do it again.
This year my little 'haul' is a bit smaller than last year, purely because I have been buying things throughout the year, so by the time it came to buying extra clothes for my holiday, I had little that I needed to get.
However, I did need a few more tops that weren't t-shirts and some more shorts, as well as a pair of sunglasses to replace the pair I'd lost so the little shop came in handy.
So the items I bought, along with the item codes are:

From H&M-

Viscose Shorts

Item Number 0595696005

2 Short Strappy Tops
Item Numbers 0674681001 (black) 0674681002 (white)

3-pack scrunchies
Item no. 0679263001

Cotton T-Shirt
Item No. 0610776001

Patterned Shorts
Item No. 0657097003

Item No. 0594978017

From George at ASDA-

Bikini Set
Item No. 6055784 (top) 6055803 (bottoms)

Hope you liked this post and I hope you all have a great summer holiday!
Love, Leah xx


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