How I Fixed My Broken Eyeshadow

A little while ago I found that one of the eyeshadows on my Maybelline: Burgandy Bar had broken, and I was absolutely gutted as it was one of the shades that I used to do my favourite eyeshadow look with this palette.
I had previously seen that you could use rubbing alcohol to fix broken makeup so I decided to look around for some, but I couldn't for the life of me find any anywhere so I googled alternative methods and saw one that involved makeup wipes, which seemed like a much easier method to use because I knew I would easily be able to find some and thought that I would share how I did this and how it turned out on here.

To start with I took my broken eyeshadow and used a small toothpick to break the eyeshadow pieces that were in the container into smaller powder like bits.
After doing this I then took one of my facial cleansing wipes from Morrisons and placed it over the broken down eyeshadow and started to pat it down using my finger.
I did find after doing this that it didn't pack it down very tightly so I wrapped a 5p coin in the wipe and pressed it down a bit with that, which helped make sure the eyeshadow had a smooth finish to it and was fully packed down.
I was very pleased with the result, and it means that I can now use the eyeshadow when doing my makeup. I did find that the wipe picked up some of the product so if I have to fix any makeup in the future, I'll probably wring it out a bit so that it doesn't pick up as much product as it did this time.

Hope any of you who have read this post found it useful and that it helps if you need to fix any of your own broken makeup in the future.
Love, Leah xx
P.S. I'm sorry that these pictures aren't as good quality as they usually are but I did this in the evening, so had no natural light that I could use for them.


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