My Advice To Year 11s

I am currently in year 12 and in my form period today, we were asked to write our advice on a post-it note for the year 11s who are looking to join our 6th form to see, which made me think about everything I learned through year 10 and 11, that has really helped me so far in sixth form, that I could share on here.
This advice is all based on the mistakes that I made during and in my GCSEs and I'm hoping that by sharing these with you guys, you won't make the same ones I did.
Find Out What Kind Of Learner You Are
This one isn't really a mistake, but rather something I think everyone should do. Ages ago my friend got me to do a 20 question 'quiz' online that told me what kind of learner I was, which turned out to be visual, meaning I could find the revision techniques that worked best for me (when I actually revised). The link for this test is
Some of the questions are a bit odd, but they are trying to gauge what kind of person you are, in order to recommend a style that is best for you. Once you have finished the questions it will tell you what type most suites you and will then give you some information and advice about your learning type.

Revise NOW
I know this one may be either really odd, or really obvious, but regardless, you need to start revising now.
I know that some of you may have already started by now, but if you haven't, I suggest you do because you will then be able to do really detailed notes, diagrams, flashcards etc for EVERYTHING you need to know.
I didn't start my proper revision until after mocks around March/April time, which meant that I only had time to revise everything I didn't know, which meant that I only have notes and flashcards for half the subject content for all 10 of my subjects, and although this worked for me, I wouldn't advise it, so start revising now so that you have notes for mocks and completed revision in Summer.

Listen To Your Teachers
I know that sometimes you think your teachers are just saying things that seem really don't seem useful, but trust them. They have already done their GCSEs, A-levels and degrees, so they know what they're talking about and so know what's best for you, so if they keep nagging you, or telling you to revise something, then take their word for it, because they (unlike you) know what to expect.

Highlight Key Parts In Questions
This is a really good thing to do so that you have fully understood what the question is asking of you, and it also forces you to take the time to read the question, instead of scanning it then writing your answer.
I only discovered how useful this was when I used my highlighters in 1 of my 3 maths mocks because in the other 2 I was getting in the 40s out of 80 marks and sitting comfortably at Grade 7, but in the third I got 52 and was 1 mark off an 8, so it really does work.

Have Fun
In my opinion, this is a given. Don't bury yourself in work and revision 24/7 because that's not living. You need to have fun and go out with friends and spend time relaxing because if you don't, your never going to retain all the information because your brain will be over-worked.
Also, spend your lunchtimes, as much as possible, with your friends having a chat or messing about because surely that's 1 hour you can afford to take off in your day to spend doing anything but work.

Some of this stuff I did do, but some of it I didn't do. Please don't start stressing about your exams now, wait until you're doing them before you even think of getting stressed.
Just relax, you have 7 months, and if you take my advise these 7 months can really make a huge difference to you.
Love, Leah xx


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