Christmas Gift Ideas

First off, I just want to apologise, I don't know what happened to my brain last night but I just crashed when I got home and I woke up this morning and realised that I forgot to post yesterday's blogmas post (oops!). However, instead of quickly posting one this morning, I decided to just post one today and work one day behind what I was before, meaning that the last post will be one Christmas day, not Christmas Eve. Thought I would put this little note here before the post starts so you would know what happened. Sorry once again! 
The actual representation of my
brain this morning! XD

I have recently finished doing my Christmas shopping for my family and friends and I have to admit that buying for some of them, especially my friends, was really difficult, so I thought I would share some of the gifts that I got for my friends and family, just in case it helps you think of something to get that one difficult friend to buy for that we all have.

For the family, I often find that shower gel sets, baths bombs and the like always go down quite well, regardless of gender and it is also a gift that works quite well for almost all ages.
Another one that often works well for my family, especially when it comes to younger siblings is books. Luckily where I live there are quite a few shops in town that sell a huge amount of books, so I can always find something for one of my siblings if I can't think of anything else.
Recently in Sainsbury's, Superdrug and Home Bargains, I've seen these pub quiz card sets and mini desktop golf games and similar things that look really cool and I have actually bought items like these in the past and they have always been something fun for whoever you give them to.

This always seems to be the difficult one because you always think you know your friends so well, but as soon as you come to buying presents for them, you realise you actually know nothing about them... but I always find that for my friends, there is some kind of go-to present that I can get if in doubt. Last year I bought some plain Epsom salts and some lavender essential oil and I found that that was great for all my friends and it is particularly great if you have a budget, and you can also change the scent of them and even add soap dye to give them some colour. But I find that if you're ever in doubt then some nice bath/shower stuff or some posh chocolates always work a treat.

Hope you found this post helpful and that it has given you a few gift ideas if you were feeling a little stuck.
Happy Blgmas! Love, Leah xx


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