My Wearable Christmas Acsessory

Where I work we have a friendly competition every year around Christmas where we make something based on a theme at Christmas e.g. table ornament, decoration etc and this year the theme was 'wearable Christmas accessory'.
To start off with, I had no idea what to do, despite ideas being bounced around by my work colleagues and come to the start of November, I had no idea what to do and only had until December 1st to finish whatever I did.
After a while, I thought of making a Christmas wreath snood, but that didn't work because I couldn't find any large amounts of green fabric that was the main thing I needed to do this. But I then thought of making a scarf that was in the style of a paper chain, so I bought everything for it, plus a few other things, but in the end, ran out of time to sew it together so that fell through.
Then I remembered a rag wreath set that I had under my bed that I had been meaning to make since before last Christmas and thought that if I made it I could use it as a headband, so I dug everything out from under the bed and started cutting the fabric provided into strips that I could then tie to the metal wire wreath 'skeleton' and in the end, it looked really pretty, took about half an hour and really worked for what I needed it to do, so I was really happy with it.
So there is the process I went through to get a wearable Christmas accessory that I needed for work, before using something I already had (whoops!)
Happy Blogmas! Love, Leah xx
P.S. I will add a picture of this rag wreath onto this post when I get it back from my work, where it currently is waiting to be judged with everyone else's wearable Christmas accessory to determine a winner x


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