My Winter Must-Haves

I don't really know what it is about winter, but as soon as this season rolls around, my go-to items seem to change a lot (probably due to the weather getting colder and air seeming to get drier) and my skincare routine always seems to be easier to keep...
Now, onto my winter must-haves:

A Good Hand Cream
I always find that at this time of year my hands and nails become drier and my nails seem to break more, so a hand cream that works well to keep my hands moisturised and my nails stronger is a must. I swear by my 'Vaseline Intensive Care: Healthy Hands, Stronger Nails' cream. It has previously been on my Spring/Summer Favourites post because how good it was at repairing my nails after taking my prom extensions off, but it's now become one of my staple items in my bag because it's great at giving my nails a surge of moisture to help keep them healthy. I also love how quickly it absorbs as I never used to use hand creams because of the greasy feeling I used to be left with on my hands, but I never get this with this hand cream, so I really do recommend it!

Tissue Face Masks
My facial skin always seems to get really dry at this time of year, and this worsens when I have a cold meaning I'm continually blowing my nose and wiping any moisture off it in the process, so a tissue mask always works well for fixing any dry skin that I have. I particularly like the Garnier Tissue masks because they're great at clearing up any blemishes I have on my skin as well as replenishing the moisture to my skin and they aren't very expensive so I have no reservations about using them multiple times a week.

I use my moisturiser more in the winter for the same reasons as the face masks; for dry skin, especially as it is great for getting those little bits of skin that are a bit dry and flaky just before going to bed and if I can't be bothered with a face mask. I love using my mini Clinique Moisture surge for little bits like this as a little goes a long way and it works wonders overnight.

I love to bring out the scarves at this time of year because I find that I always feel warmer in cold weather when I wear a scarf as well as my coat. As soon as winter hits, I'm always putting one of my scarves into whatever bag I take out with me, just in case I need it, even if it's sunny and not too cold, mostly because I love wearing them and they go with everything.

Lip Balm
I always do this weird thing with my teeth on my lips where I rub them across my bottom lip and it often gets stuck to my tooth, and over time, especially when it's colder and my lips are drier, it starts to leave me with lips that even more cracked than before. For this reason, I always make sure that I have a lip balm either in my bag or my pocket to use when my lips start to get sore from doing this. I love Carmex lip balms because they are really good at fixing my lips over a couple of days and seem to last forever when you put it on, and I also kind of like the tingling feeling you get when you put it on your lips.

Bed Socks
Because of the kind of house my house is, it seems to get very cold during winter so I always find myself digging through my drawers trying to find a pair of bed socks to put on to warm myself and my feet up. My socks always seem to go missing as well so most years I have to pay the shop a visit to get myself some more pairs, that will inevitably go missing again.

So these were my winter must-haves and the little things that change in my 'routine'/day-to-day life when winter hits.
Happy Blogmas! Love, Leah xx


  1. Totally agree with bed socks- you always used to laugh at me for how much I layered up at home in Winter haha!! Now you understand :p

    I think I need to purchase that hand cream!

    1. I know, but now I love nothing more than snuggling up un my room or the living room. Definetely do! It's brilliant! Xx


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