Spare A Thought

This post is not me trying to be a 'Debbie Downer', but I just feel like it is necessary.
I know that at Christmas we seem to enter this bubble of excitement and become more impatient for the big day, but I just wanted to use this post to encourage you to spare a thought for those who won't be opening presents on Christmas day. This is not just in the poor areas of the world, but also here in the UK where some families have next to no spare money so Christmas becomes a terrifying time of the year when the parents begin to wonder how they will afford it.
So I just want to encourage you to show some compassion at this time of year, towards those who aren't as excited because they dread this holiday. Or maybe spare a thought for those for whom this Christmas will be the first without a close friend or a member of the family.
I'm not trying to be depressing with this post, I just wanted to give myself and everyone who reads this a reality check, and if you feel like you want to do something about this, there are giving trees and charities you can turn to, or you could do a random act of kindness for someone who you know is struggling with this holiday at the moment.
As I said, I don't want to make an exciting time dreary, but rather shine a light on an unseen part of Christmas. Hope you are all having a great December so far x
Happy Blogmas! Love, Leah xx


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