What's In My Bag: Winter Version

I do remember doing a 'what's in my bag' post ages ago, but I think it was one of the posts that I reverted to drafts or deleted because I didn't really like it, so here's the winter version of what's in my bag:
Carmex Lip Balm
Medication Pouch
Body Spray (currently using my Victoria's Secret: Love Addict spray)
Vaseline Healthy Hands Hand Cream
Nail Files
Hair Bobbles and Bobby Pins
Water Bottle (normally one I've bought and am reusing)
Plastic Bag for shopping
Compact Mirror
Matchbook Nail Files (these are always great for me because if my nail breaks I can file it so I don't bite it because of the gagged edges)
Packet of Tissues

I would, normally, switch between 2 bags as well depending on what I need to carry and where I am going. The two bags I use are my over the shoulder bag that I got from TU at Sainsbury's and my VANS school bag that I got from York Designer Outlet. The things I carry in my bag depends on which one I am using. The list above is what I would normally carry in my VANS bag if I was going for a day out somewhere; I wouldn't put many of the larger items into the TU one unless I had mini versions (like body spray and hand cream).
Hope you liked my winter version of 'What's In My Bag', and also that you have been enjoying Blogmas so far.
Happy Blogmas! Love, Leah xx


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